Ideas Are Everywhere!!!

Ideas are everywhere!!!

I am just putting a quick post out tonight. I am working on plotting and planning some product Ideas here at Crazy Girl Brain. Creating for me can be very messy and chaotic. But I usually get the job done. How do you create? Are you working on anything at the moment?

When I am in a messy and chaotic creating and planning mode I usually have things strewn over my bed (largest space available) and then start sorting from there, Then I grab boxes of materials and supplies and choose what I need to complete projects and make a list of things that I may need to purchase as well.

This process for me can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an all day ordeal. But it is a great way for me to empty my brain and form a plan.

What helps you to empty your brain? What products do you like to create the most? Do you like to bounce ideas off of others to get feedback before making the product or do you like make something and then gauge what the reaction is?

Whatever your process is, take advantage of those chaotic moments and CREATE!!!

Much Love all my Sunshiny Faces!!

~Amber~ Head Crazy Girl!